I cook good food. Sometimes I cook good for you food that tastes bad, or bad for you food that tastes good. Sometimes I cook healthy food that sweets loving veggie haters rave about.

I define healthy recipes as those using food that’s as close as possible to how God made it. Rather than a detailed analysis of how many calories, carbs and vitamins are in every bite you eat, the best way to eat a healthy diet is to eat a wide variety of different kinds of natural foods prepared in a variety of ways–raw, fermented, and cooked.

I also believe that God gave us food with possibilities to be discovered with human ingenuity. Shake the cream long enough and you get butter. Boil apple peels and the pectin will make the liquid gel when it cools. Remove the bran from wheat and you get a soft white flour, not so healthy for everyday use, but wonderful for extra fluffy special occasion foods.

My idea of a successful meal is one that my husband enjoys eating rather than just tolerating. He doesn’t complain about healthy food, but he reminds me that food is meant to be enjoyed, not just treated as a nutrient delivery system. Given the choice he would normally eat foods like pizza, burritos, cheeseburgers, fried potatoes, mousaka, lasagana, and the occasional salad with ranch dressing.

On this blog I will be sharing recipes I develop or discover while trying to make healthy food that my husband enjoys. I will share my flops and my successes and let you know what we did and didn’t like about how they turned out.

I tend to season heavy on the garlic and very light on the hot peppers. I use lots of butter and no vegetable oil. I don’t use fat free anything, and if I can cook it in a cast iron skillet, I probably will.

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