Menu Plan 4/3/14-4/9/14

I mostly followed last week’s menu plan, including using up a bunch of leftovers (yay!) but in the distraction of making the most of the last few days of my sister’s visit, I made simpler meals in place of taco salad and chicken thighs with sides. I think I’ll use the taco salad meal as leftover stretching plan for lunches this coming week, and just skip the chicken thighs meal for now.

Lunches this past week varied from tuna salad with crackers to leftovers to frozen pizza (only once…) and were occasionally supplemented by a large batch of mandarin orange gelatin. We also ate a lot of garlic cream cheese on crackers as snacks, along with the bananas, pineapple, mangoes and oranges I bought on my fresh fruit spree during my last grocery shopping trip. Also, spinach salads are still surprisingly good.


Salmon and potato hash (with mushrooms and onions) and spinach salad

Deep Dish Pizza

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Herbed Potatoes (for fellowship meal)

Pork Chops with  potato salad and creamed spinach

Ground turkey ‘pork’ dumplings with roasted carrots



We should be back on a pretty good leftovers for lunch schedule now, and as I mentioned, I’ll probably go for a main dish salad if we need to stretch out our leftovers.


Last week was pretty much the same kefir smoothies, eggs and fried potatoes we’ve been doing for breakfast. Kefir smoothies are currently on hold while I wait for a new blender blade to come in, but meanwhile I need to start up some refrigerator oatmeal again. I’m sure there will be more eggs and fried potatoes as well.

Baking and Extras:

I still haven’t made bread. It’s been ages since we’ve gone this long without homemade bread around. We haven’t missed it too badly, but it is weird not to be able to fall back on toast for breakfast, or grilled cheese sandwiches for an easy meal.

So, top of my list is making bread. After that I really need to get back to the oatcake idea, and maybe start some sprouts and make banana bread.

Shopping List:

It’s my non-shopping week, and I didn’t see any deals I can’t pass up, though there were some decent sales at Aldi:

pineapple, $1.29

mangoes, .49

boneless, skinless chicken breast, $1.69/lb


Also, Kroger has chicken thighs for .99/lb and is at their lowest standard sales cycle price for sour cream this week, which is $1.