Menu Plan 3/27/14-4/2/14

I thought we’d followed our menu plan pretty well this week until I went back at looked at it. Well… We ate two of those things… We ended up adding two more social events this past week, which is a really good reason to adjust a menu plan. So, some of last week’s dishes will be moved forward to this week’s menu plan.

Lunches continued to need supplementation, which varied from mandarin oranges to hamburgers to couscous and ham slices (both pulled from the freezer).



Social Event

Deep Dish Pizza (Starting the dough a day ahead this time to see if the crispiness improves after being in the fridge overnight.) with fruit

Leftovers (More specific that normal as I’ve taken stock of what needs to be used up in the fridge and think that combine the leftover couscous with leftover meat juices and various veggies that need to be used up would make a good casserole. I’ll probably top it with some homemade cheese, too.)

Bubble and Squeak

Taco Salad (It’s hitting the feel of spring, if not quite spring weather, and I’ve starting wanting the fresh vegetables of spring. Hence main course salad in such a form that my husband won’t mind it.)

Potato Chowder

Chicken Thighs with Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Carrots



The usual range of leftovers, plus I’ll probably make up a pasta salad to stretch out the leftovers. And maybe we’ll do some spinach salads. Spinach sounds inexplicably good right now…


Last week was pretty much as I predicted: lots of kefir smoothies with occasional eggs and oatmeal, though we also had fried potatoes one morning. This week is probably more of the same.

Baking and Extras:

I finally made the fermented ginger carrots. I also made a batch of ketchup, some vinegar cheese, more or less kept up with my kefir, and made some fruit gelatin (that may or may not be properly setting in my fridge right now… if for some reason it doesn’t turn out I guess I’ll add it to smoothies). I also made some good ‘zippy pea hummus’ from those dried whole peas I got a good deal on, and will probably be making more of that in the coming week. I didn’t get around to baking bread yet, so that’s high on my list for the week, though again, I’m not setting large baking goals for the week.


Shopping List:

As usual, the amazing sales happen on my ‘off’ week, and when I want to go grocery shopping again, the sales are underwhelming. I’m  even becoming less excited about the .69 mushrooms at Aldi at this point… Aldi *does* have organic grass fed ground beef on sale for $4.49 a pound, though.

Here’s a smattering of what I am planning to buy this week at Aldi (it is as yet undetermined whether I do a Kroger run too or not):

canned tuna, 8/$5.50 (I like to have several cans of tuna on hand for last minute unplanned meals, or for if I forgot to thaw meat out ahead of time)

rotini/elbow macaroni, about 5/$5 (Apparently spring is also time for pasta salad…)

blue tortilla chips, about 4/$6.75

tortillas, 3/$5 (I still really need to find a recipe for homemade tortillas that works well… one of these days…)

ramen noodles, about $2 (Don’t judge… This is also a really good ‘fast food’ for emergencies… or Saturday afternoons.)

bananas, 10lb/$4.40 (Need more bananas for smoothie bases!)

tomatoes, $1

hamburger patties, 3lb/$6.99

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