Menu Plan 3/13/14-3/20/14

Nothing wrecks your menu plan for the week quite like  having stomach flu in the house. I didn’t even come down with it (though I hovered on the brink for a while), but when my husband’s not eating I feel very uninspired to cook full blown meals. So, he avoided food or nibbled on rice pudding and applesauce, and I ate some fried potatoes, some cooked carrots, some leftover mexican food and eventually ate some ramen noodles (my own spices though, no msg filled spice packet).

As he was getting over the stomach flu and ready to eat real food, and I was getting tired of thrown together snackish meals, but still uninspired to cook, I pulled a lasagna out of the freezer and we ate off that for a couple of meals.

This coming week, because my normal leftover night is getting overwritten by other stuff going on, I may need to put off one of the scheduled meals in order to use up leftovers. I still decided that I’d rather have a plan for all the meals though, just in case. Also, because my sister is coming into town for a few weeks, we’re likely to have a lot of last minute social events. Again, I’d rather know that I have a plan that may need to be scrapped, than need a plan to fall back on and not have it all.


Social Events x 2

Bubble and Squeak (This is a potato and cabbage dish, flexible to using whatever meat you have available, seasoned with salt and vinegar.)

Boxty  for fellowship meal (I’m not sure if this is the same recipe I used last year, but it looks similar. Except, of course, I fried mine in butter.)

Corned beef brisket with cabbage and potato (probably cooked with the brisket, possibly mashed or leftover boxty), irish soda bread, and maybe something green




If we get short on leftovers I’ll pull some soup or something out of the freezer. Still want to try making a cold roasted carrot salad. Ooh, and I really should make some potato salad…


Since I just got some kefir grains last week, and fortuitously also was given several extra gallons of raw milk, we seem to be heading into a kefir smoothie breakfast kick. I still need to try making oatcakes as well, though. And, of course, we have the standard eggs, oatmeal and yogurt to fall back on if necessary.

Baking and Extras:

Mostly just a copy of last week’s list, though I did make rice pudding to get my husband through the ‘bland food’ stage of the stomach flu. Not quite the same as using it for a fun breakfast, but probably not something I want to make again right after that experience either.

I *really* need to make fermented carrot relish this week, and am still hoping to make oatcakes. (I really hope oatcakes aren’t the new chocolate chip pancakes when it comes to baking projects…) I also want to try making fermented ginger ale. I was intrigued to see a recipe that called for whey as a starter, because last time I tried to make ginger bug I forgot about in the fridge for so long it may or may not still be good. I’m a lot more likely to make fermented soft drinks on a regular basis if they call for ingredients (such as whey) that already have around, instead of needing a whole new ferment to keep track of.

Frozen yogurt would probably be a good way to use up all the yogurt I have right now…

Oh, and I have to make irish soda bread for St Patricks Day.

Shopping List:

It would help me in planning if Aldi had Irish food on sale this week, but instead they inexplicably have sales on German food, which doesn’t help me a whole lot when I need corned beef brisket. (Actually, they do have a more expensive cut of corned beef brisket in their ad, so I may go there first and see if they also have some at a comparable price to the cheaper cut at other stores, and then Kroger if I still need to.) Here’s my ideal list based on the sales this week, and staples that I need to pick up:


crackers,about  3/$5.40

tortillas, about 2pks/$3.40

mushrooms, 6pks/$2.80

avocado, about .99

eggs, about 3doz/$4.50 (I’ll get them at Kroger if they’re more than this)

ground beef, 3lb/$6.99



fresh parsley, about $2

green onions, about .59

cabbage, 6lb/$2

celery (Not sure of the price, but I can stand to pay for it, I’ll get organic celery.)

corned beef brisket 10lb/$20 (If you want to eat corned beef brisket at all the rest of the year, now is the time to stock up.)

ice cream, $5 (I know, but like I said, my sister’s coming into town. What kind of hosts would we be if we didn’t even have ice cream in the house?)

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