Menu Plan and Shopping List 2/27/14-3/5/14

Most of last week’s menu went according to plan. I even tried out making deep dish chicago style pizza for our pizza night, it was a definite success! (Okay, it didn’t quite taste like Giordano’s pizza, but it was still really good.) The chicken strips were also notable, as they turned out so well I commented that maybe I should make a video showing my recipe for them, and my husband’s reply was, “Yes, you should definitely do that, because then you’ll have to make them for dinner again”. So chicken strips are on the menu again!

I even got most of my baking projects done, except, of course, once again it proved to be a bad week to make pancakes, as my husband ended up needing to work on our car Saturday morning and it just didn’t make sense to plan for a leisurely pancake breakfast in that case. Does anyone else have these cooking projects that repeatedly get put off? Please, comment and let me know if I’m not the only one…


Social Event (1 or possibly 2)

Deep dish pizza with salad

Leftovers/fridge scrounging

Ground Beef/Potato Hash

Oyster Chowder (This is completely new ground for me, but I was curious about the canned smoked oysters at Aldi and decided to give them a try in some interesting sounding recipe) and fruit salad

Homemade Chicken Strips (with homemade ketchup, or perhaps more ambitous dipping sauces) and Spinach Gratin


Leftovers, and probably quesadillas or grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup if we run short of leftovers. (I love to throw extra ingredients in both quesadillas and grilled cheese, so with mushroom or onion or tomato in there, it should make a sufficiently full meal.)


Rice Pudding



Yogurt and/or fruit with any of the above

Baking and Extras:

I want to make rice pudding to have in the fridge for a couple of easy breakfasts, plus some raisin nut muffins. I also need to make some bread, which will probably be my whole wheat version of irish soda bread, since we’re currently out of the hard red wheat I use for making yeast bread. And probably another batch of yogurt… But on top of those fairly basic baking needs, I’d really like to make a fun dessert this week. Maybe lemon mousse? Or homemade eclairs? Or is that too ambitious for someone who can’t even seem to make pancakes and I should scale down to something like brownies? I guess we’ll just have to see how the week turns out…

Shopping List:

While Aldi does have avocadoes on sale (.59) I think this week I’m sticking with Kroger, including such buys as:

fresh pineapple, 2/$2

pinto beans, around 2lb/$2.50 (I normally would buy these in bulk, but in this case I’m going to buy a few pounds at the store to tide me over to the next bulk purchase.)

pepperoni, 4pks/$4 (I know, I know, nitrates, etc. But that’s why I haven’t had pepperoni around for a while, and I’m starting to miss it, and it’s on sale this week.)

sour cream, 5/$5 (On sale for $1–time to stock up!)

Chicken leg quarters, about 5lb/$4.00 (I usually buy leg quarters, as that’s the cheapest cut of chicken you can get, and sometimes divide it into thighs and drumsticks myself.)


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