Menu Plan 2/20/14-2/26/14

Because of some tired/sick days and extra leftovers we had a couple extra leftover nights this week. I’m trying not to let the fact that I’m posting my menu plans affect the fact that I need to adjust for real life. In fact, one of my main goals with my videos and this blog is to show the ‘real life’ side of cooking with real food, and admit to the flops and fails and changes and even the frozen pizzas when those happen. It’s just sometimes hard, as a food blogger, to announce to the entire internet when you didn’t serve vegetables with a meal.

Speaking of which… I was, in fact, a little lax on the veggies this week. We had vegetables included in our meals, but some of them were more in the realm of handwaving and ‘onions count as vegetables, right?’. This tends to happen when I’m tired or focused on other things, and this week I was both. I’m concentrating on some other health habits this week, and so the veggies took a back seat to that, but don’t worry, I have not abandoned vegetables forever.

(Crazy thought here, but I kind of wonder if truly eating seasonally would mean eating fewer vegetables in the winter. I mean, traditionally you’d have a few high carb vegetables that store well, but you’d mostly be eating grains and potatoes during the winter months right? Which makes sense if you don’t keep your house at a fixed 72 degrees year round and actually need to burn a lot of carbs and fat to stay warm all winter.)

Anyway, I did make the turkey dumplings, and need the bump up the seasonings more if I use turkey in the future (instead of pork), but they were still really good. After a bit more tweaking, the recipe will likely show up here.


Homemade breaded chicken strips with homemade dipping sauce (depending on my mood, possibly barbecue sauce, ketchup, sweet and sour sauce, honey mustard or ranch, or any 2-3 of those) and stuffed mushrooms

Homemade pizza

Leftovers/fridge scrounging (This is our Saturday meal, and basically means ‘anything easy that sounds good’. So, yes, sometimes it’s my code word for frozen pizza.)

Ground Beef and Potato Hash

Salmon Patties with homemade bread, lemon yogurt sauce and onion rings

Lasagna with homemade noodles (Yep, this did indeed get bumped to the next week. But this time it’s totally happening! Yeah…) and garlic green beans



Leftovers, as usual. We may not have enough lettuce to do side salads all the time, but we should be able to do fruit salads as a substitute.

If we end up short of leftovers for one of the lunches I might make some soup. I keep a bag of veggies in the freezer and add to it when I have a slice of tomato left over after making sandwiches, or a couple spoonfuls of sauteed vegetables that aren’t worth saving to reheat. The bag is getting close to full, and being cold season, it’s probably about time for some nice brothy soup anyway.


I made (regular, white flour) waffles for breakfast last Saturday, having not planned ahead enough to make the soaked pancakes that have been on my list for weeks. I think this may be the week to finally make the pancakes though…

Soaked Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes


Fried Potatoes

Yogurt (with chia, honey, fruit, etc)

Hopefully I’ll bake muffins or something too…

Snacks and Other:

Nearly miraculously, I made both oatmeal raisin cookies and chocolate covered strawberries last week. This week I need to make sauerkraut and ketchup, saute and freeze mushrooms, make the soaked pancakes, and either make muffins, or at least make some baked oatmeal ahead for breakfasts this week. Hopefully that’s not too ambitious…

Grocery Shopping:

It’s my ‘off week’ for grocery shopping again, though I’m really hoping to get to make a Costco trip soon as I need several things including:

organic carrots, 10lb/$6.99

organic tomato paste, 12/$5.99

shredded cheddar cheese, 5lb/$12ish

Also, I noticed some good vegetable deals at Aldi:

mushrooms, .69 (Again! Anyone who’s trying to shop on a budget should be using a lot of mushrooms right now!)

roma tomatoes, 1lb/.79 (Under a dollar pound… Great week to make homemade salsa.)

zucchini, 1lb/.69

onions, 3lb/.79 (Like the mushrooms, still on sale, but even cheaper per pound than the mushrooms, and you can throw a chopped onion in just about everything you cook, in addition to making onion rings, stuffed onions and other onion based dishes.)

I also noticed boneless, skinless chicken thighs for 1.49/lb at Aldi. I tend to buy my meat on the bone, cut it up as needed, and make stock from the leftover bones, but for a ‘convenience food’ the boneless, skinless thighs could be a good deal.

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