Menu Plan and Shopping List 2/13/13-2/19/13

I’m tired today as I’m menu planning, so my plans are even more subject to change than usual, as I may go ‘what was I thinking?’ when I look at this week again with a clearer head. 🙂

We stuck to last week’s menu plan surprisingly well, with a few small changes, such as going out for chinese instead of making pizza, and switching chicken thighs for drumsticks. I found the Creamy Mushroom Peas to not be that impressive–perhaps in a different mood I would differently, but I felt I’d just as soon eat plain peas with bit of butter.

Menu Plan


Potato Chowder

Turkey Dumplings (in the style of pork dumplings, but experimenting with using ground turkey–I never got to this when it was on my menu plan a couple seeks ago) with sauteed veggies

Seasoned Ground Beef (I’m thinking something in the style of Italian Beef, but based on ground beef instead of roast)

Social Events x2

Salmon Patties with homemade bread, lemon yogurt sauce, tomato and mayo plus stuffed mushrooms

Lasagna with homemade noodles (Yes, this is ambitious, and so will be the first thing to get bumped from the menu if I’m have a tired day or week, but I did it once before and it was really good, so I really need to try it again.) plus a salad


Leftovers, possibly with side salads added

Judging by the layout of the week and the way food has been going lately, we won’t have any shortage of leftovers for lunches.


I *still* didn’t make those soaked pancakes, having failed to take into account that I had an event to attend on Saturday morning and didn’t really have time to do pancakes for breakfast. I did remember that we had some cooked squash in the freezer, and added some variety to our breakfasts this week by warming it up with some salt, sugar, butter and cinnamon.

For this week:

Fried Potatoes with cheese and homemade ketchup (We finally got our Azure Standard order in and are really enjoying having organic potatoes on hand again.)

Oatmeal with yogurt, chia and raisins (We also got organic raisins in this order.)


Sides of fruit with any of the above breakfasts.

Snacks and Other:

I don’t know if I’ll get to it this week, but now that I have organic raisins again I’m really badly wanting to make oatmeal raisin cookies. I’m also hoping to buy some strawberries and make chocolate covered strawberries… We shall see.

Grocery Shopping:

I generally found the sales to be uninspiring for this week, though there were a couple of good items on sale at Aldi. This is a smattering of what I’m buying there this week:

Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, $1.69 (While they’re made with run of the mill not so healthy oils, they use organic blue cormeal, so a good mostly healthy option for Aldi only weeks.)

Yellow Onions, 3lb bag for .89

mushrooms, .69 (I still haven’t used up all the mushrooms I bought two weeks ago when they were on sale, but at these prices I’m going to try sauteeing and freezing a bunch.)

strawberries, $1.99 (Yes, they’re out of season, and normally I would only eat organic strawberries because they’re on the dirty dozen list… but I’m splurging because I inexplicably wanted to make chocolate covered strawberries. Why do I post my grocery list for everyone to read again? 🙂 )

Pineapple, $1.29 (They had one sad looking pineapple last time, so I didn’t get one, but I really want to get one this time if they have any decent looking ones, so I can make tepache again.)

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