Menu Plan 2/6/13-2/12/13

As often happens, some plans changed after coming up with last week’s menu plan. We ended up with more leftovers than I’d planned on and going to fewer social events than I’d planned on. Also, I was more tired than I planned on being.

The upshot is that some of last week’s planned meals are being moved to this week, and I’m going to try to account for leftovers a little better so I don’t have to throw away so many next time I clean out the fridge!

(We did have the bacon guacamole grilled cheese sandwiches on my birthday as planned. I added tomato and they were AMAZING! I left the guacamole off my husband’s sandwich at his request, but he did really enjoy his bacon tomato grilled cheese sandwich as well.)

Menu Plan


Hot Cheesy Artichoke Spinach Dip with Blue Corn Tortilla Chips (I may put another dish with this at the last minute, but since it clearly contains veggies and the cheese has protein, I’m willing to let it pass as a fun meal without too much angst over whether it’s as balanced as the rest of the meals this week.)

Homemade Pizza (Usually using Sally Fallon’s yogurt dough, homemade pizza sauce and seasoned ground beef or white sauce and chicken, plus mushrooms and onions. One of these days I’m going to get adventurous and try making chicago style deep dish pizza at home.)

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Ground Beef and Potato Hash

Salmon Patties on homemade rolls with lemon yogurt sauce and garlic green beans

Chicken Drumsticks (Probably using leftover sweet and sour sauce I have in the fridge) with Creamy Mushroom Peas (Haven’t tried this recipe, but was looking for a good way to use up mushrooms. Truth be told, I’m going to be throwing mushrooms into most dishes this week because they were cheap at Aldi last week and I stocked up.)

Indian Spiced Lentils and Rice with Roasted Tomatoes


As usual, leftovers, sometimes with an extra side salad. I don’t anticipate running short on leftovers this week, but if we do have a lunch without sufficient leftovers I’ll either make a main dish salad or pull some soup out of the freezer.


Last week we pretty much only did fruit, yogurt, toast and eggs. This week I’d really like to make up the batter for Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes on Friday so we can have them for breakfast on Saturday.

Also, more yogurt, fruit and eggs. I’ve also been contemplating making up some chia pudding for breakfasts, but that’s unlikely to happen in the next couple of weeks.  (For one thing, it’s cold season and we’re going light on the dairy right now.)

Grocery Shopping

I try to keep my grocery shopping to once every two weeks, except when I’m tempted by a lack of fresh produce at home or unusually good sales at the store. I’m probably going to stick other errands besides grocery shopping this week, but there are a few deals that stood out to me as I was glancing over the ads (central IL area).


mangos, .49

chicken breast, 1.59/lb


(2 day sale, Thursday and Friday) bananas, .28/lb


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