Menu Plan and Grocery List 1/30-2/5

Menu Plan


Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese with roasted cauliflower (This is for my birthday meal: fun, but easy to make. The idea for the sandwich is from this recipe, but I’ll be making up my own version.)

Salmon Patties on homemade rolls with a lemon yogurt sauce and sauteed spinach, mushrooms and onions

“Pork” Dumplings, using ground turkey (I use this recipe for the filling, and this recipe for the wrappers, and as always, I adjust seasonings to my taste.) with fried cabbage

Some kind of meat for fellowship meal on Sunday (I know this is a little vague, but I’m going to have to do some looking and pricing at the store to decide on exactly what I’m getting this week.)

Social Events x3 (This is more than normal for us, but we happen to have several events going on where we’ll be contributing various snacks and drinks, but not having to make a a full dinner. One of these might actually be  a dinner of sandwiches in the car on the way, depending on how details work out.)

(Normally we have burritos/Mexican once a week, but for this particular rotation, because of the social events, it’s getting pushed aside.)


Lunches are almost always leftovers from dinner the night before. Because of the number of social events in the evenings, I’ll probably have to pull some soup out of the freezer for one or two lunches. Also, I’ll probably add a salad to the leftovers most days, as there’s rarely enough vegetables left from the  night before.


(I don’t plan my breakfasts in detail, but these are the options we’re likely to use in the next week.)

Homemade yogurt with chia, honey, fruit and/or cinnamon

Oatmeal with yogurt, chia, honey and cinnamon (for me)

Eggs (for my husband)

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes (if I get ambitious about breakfast this week)

Shopping List:

(This is just the highlights as opposed to my full shopping list. Even that much is subject to change depending on the deals I find when I get to the store. Price are for the Central IL area.)


Organic mild salsa, $1.50×3

White sugar (only because I used up the last of mine around Christmas and it’s good to have some on hand), not sure of price

Tuna, .69×4 (I like to keep tuna around for a quick and easy meal, or in case I run out of salmon and still want a fish meal for the week.)

Organic Bananas, .59/lbx5 (Aldi just started carrying organic bananas, so I want to try them out.)

Roma Tomatoes, about .99

Pineapple, about $1.29

Mushrooms, .69×4

Organic spinach, 1.49×2

Eggs, about 1.39×4

Feta cheese, 2.99 (This helps with making salads more interesting.)

Butter about 2.39×8 (The price of butter fluctuates a lot at Aldi. It’s often cheaper at Costco, but since I don’t have my own Costco membership it’s usually simpler for me to go ahead and buy it at Aldi.)

Ground beef 5lb/8.99×2 (Nope, I don’t buy organic ground beef. And yes, when I can get ground beef on sale for under $2 a pound, I buy a lot of it at a time.)

Ground turkey, about 1.79

I may or may not be going to Kroger this week, but they do have sour cream on sale for $1, which is the cheapest it gets anywhere in the  normal sale rotation around here. I usually buy a few of the ‘natural’ line of sour cream every time it hits $1. (Natural has only cream and cultures. Original has a bunch of junk added for texture.) I also like to cruise the meat markdowns at Kroger when I get the chance, as when you can find them, they’re often really good deals.

If you noticed any good sales this week, or found any good clearance or manager’s specials on your shopping trip, leave a comment and let me know!


3 thoughts on “Menu Plan and Grocery List 1/30-2/5

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    • That would be fun! I get to go with Colton’s mother fairly often, but having more options can make it easier for scheduling sometimes.

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